What our customers are saying:

We first met Robert Inukihaangana via mutual friends, we didn’t realise upon meeting Rob that he could help us so much but after many different discussions we asked Rob to take a look over our financials. Being still quite young we never thought much about making sure our lives were planned for the future and thought that just putting money away in super was enough – this was where Rob came in, he managed to look over both our plans and was able to provide us with the right advice and guide us into a plan that was going to set us up properly for when we eventually do retire. Not only that he was also able to set us up with some life insurance within our super and trauma insurance outside super which unfortunately we only learnt about after a traumatic event in our sons life, but now we know we are covered for any future events. Once we established the relationship with Rob we knew he was always going to be our port of call, so I invited him into the business that we run with my parents and brother and he was able to not only set all my staff up and ourselves with the right super policies, he also was able to help with making us super stream compliant. My superannuation processing time improved from taking 2 hours to do my employee super each quarter to only five minutes. Rob is continuing to work with us personally as well as in the business, he ties in well with our accountant to make sure that our business is squeezing everything it can out of growing and he keeps us updated constantly on our personal finances. Rob is a very hands on person and we just love the fact that we can pick up the phone and have him on the other end ready to help us. We know that if you use Rob’s services you will not find a more genuine, knowledgeable man to help you….. Dionne & Jason Hunt & The Ratcliff Group Pty Ltd

 “Following our latest meeting last week I felt I had to write and thank you. As you have discovered, to your amusement, Andrea and I are financially rather inept and so to have your guidance and acumen to assist us in running our affairs has been brilliant. The systems you have put in place, and the clarity with which you have explained everything – not to mention the results your strategies have achieved – speak volumes for your professionalism and knowledge. We are very grateful and more than happy to recommend you to anyone seeking financial advice. Again, our thanks”…Martin & Andrea Pryor

“Robert’s professional attitude and his understanding of our financial and family goals make it a pleasure to work with him. His client-centred focus means that he is always looking out for the best options to reach our goals and to improve on them. I don’t need to ask him if I should be reviewing my portfolio, he’s already doing it and telling me when it’s time to adjust our position. Robert has become a trusted partner in our family’s future”……Phil & Anita Jacombs

Robert from 1st Financial Solutions has been assisting my businesses and personal financial goals  for many years. I have found his professionalism, knowledge and manner to be of the highest calibre with my interests at the fore. He is approachable, easy to deal with, delivers information promptly and always answers any of my questions readily. I would highly recommend Robert and 1st Financial Solutions to anyone looking to re-address their financial situation…..Linda & Grant Harrington

“Rob has been managing my super now since May 2011 and in that time I have found him to be very competent at what he does. He offers sound advice regarding super investment choices and proactively makes changes according to economic trends in order to maximise investment return whilst also minimising risk. He has also helped me refinance my mortgage and also helped me look into investment property options and different finance options. He is very accessible – always responding to email and phone calls in a timely manner.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a financial adviser.”……Karen Littlewood

“Robert is a pleasure to deal with. He listened to everything that I was trying to achieve and came up with a superannuation and insurance solution that I was very happy with. He is very knowledgeable and was able to answer the myriad of questions that I had for him. I have an ongoing relationship with Robert and we meet once a year to review my financial plan. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to others who are looking for an adviser who takes the time to listen and knows his stuff.”……Bou Williams

“I have been a client of Rob’s since 2011 and I could not be more pleased with the results. He has guided my Superannuation strategy and Pension/Retirement planning with consummate professionalism. He has proactively monitored my portfolio from the outset, and is always alert to changing conditions. His knowledge of the world of finance is breathtaking, and I marvel at his attention to detail. His sound advice has put me in good stead, and filled me with the confidence that I making optimum choices for the future.”……Peter Greiner

Rob has been providing professional financial advice to me since 2012. Rob is always punctual, easy to contact and knows his stuff, if I throw Rob an unorthodox financial question, Rob will always exhaustively research the answer to that question before providing me with advice. Rob has always taken the time to assist me and is always aware of my financial obligations before I am so is always quick to remind me……Tony Strati

Rob helped me to consolidate my 6 superannuation funds. After trying to do it myself and being stuffed around by the super funds, he was able to take the hassle from me and sort it all out. Now I have one fund with my super working a whole lot better than it was. Now I can focus on my other financial goals like saving for a house which he is also helping me with. I recommend him to anyone who needs to sort their super out and needs help achieving their financial goals”……Ben Vainerere

“Rob has been my financial advisor for several years now and has assisted me greatly in superannuation advice, taxation strategies for both myself personally as well as my company, and even assisted in the purchase of my first home by organising a great deal with a lender. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Rob to anyone looking for informed and professional financial decisions and strategies”……Shane Machon

Rob has been helping me with my finances since July 2011. He has been instrumental in helping me plan towards a comfortable retirement over the past 6 years (not there yet!… still another 5 years to go). He is approachable, pleasant, informative and professional in every instance and his integrity is above question. He has helped me reduce my personal tax bill whilst at the same time boosting my retirement savings by recommending and implementing financial strategies that work for my specific set of circumstances. He reviews my portfolio regularly and his service is an investment rather than an expense to me. His knowledge of investment markets and the legislation that surrounds superannuation and other investment structures provides me with great comfort that my future retirement planning needs are in good hands. I look forward to meeting with Rob each year to review my retirement planning strategies and needs and have no qualms in recommending him to anyone needing help with their retirement planning…….Margaret Koeberg

Robert has been my financial adviser for my super fund now for 5 years. Since he took over he has done a superb job. My fund has grown significantly & he keeps a close eye on investments that are not doing well & moves things around to keep my funds increasing. I recommend him to anyone who would like a proactive, knowledgeable adviser……Denise Deranja

“I have been with 1st Financial Solutions for 2 years and have found that the return on my investments have been consistently higher than I previously experienced through larger, seemingly more popular institutions. I find that Rob has his finger on the pulse more so than the larger providers, giving a more prompt reaction to market trends. I would be happy to recommend his services to others.”…….Mark Ramsay